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A few of the many reasons for building a fence are security, noise reduction and setting boundaries. A well-designed and installed fence is a nice, stylish addition to your home landscape.

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Fence Repair and Installation
Fence Repair / Fence / Fencing Repair and Installation

Having come from a family with four generations of tradesman, carpenters, and contractors behind us and twenty years of hands-on construction experience. We know what our customers expect from us! We strive to give our customers quality performance and products at reasonable and comparable pricing! Specializing in many types of fencing to fit your needs. Our wood fencing consists of treated pine and cedar products using treated 4x4 post, 2x4 rails, and galvanized nails and hardware. Our wood fencing is available in various heights, with optional rot board, and neighbor-to-neighbor shared fence. We provide optional drive gates and
service gates where needed. We also have different styles of vinyl fencing available to chose from that will add elegance and beauty to your neighborhood property or farm property. If you are looking for a certain level of privacy and security we have wrought iron fencing available. Custom wrought iron drive gates can be built to fit your style. So if you are
in need of a fence repair or you would like a total fence replacement, were just a call away.
Our expertise does not stop there, for our siding replacement or repair we use only the best products from James Hardie. We inspect walls for any needed repair and install new vapor barrier before installation of all new Hardie siding. With our building experience we are able to help you with all your construction needs from fences, decks, patio covers, siding installation, and more. If you can visualize, it we can build it. From start to finish your concerns are our priorities.

Having a fence can create good neighbors.

The History of Fences ...

1. The Barbed Wire Fence
During the mid 1800s, American settlers -- largely farmers -- were moving to the South and West in search of new land. Where they had previously lived in the Northeast, stones or wood for walls were plentiful, as was labor. In a treeless land with few stones, though, stone and wooden fences were difficult to come by. In absence of these, farmers searched for acceptable substitutes. In 1873, barbed wire fencing was invented at the De Kalb County Fair in Illinois. A farmer presented the initial idea, and the concept took off from there. Later, barbed wire would serve as inspiration for chain link fences.

2. The Great Wall of China
Most people are at least a little familiar with the Great Wall of China. Construction started as early as seventh century B.C., with earlier walls being later connected, becoming a longer, more formidable barrier. Most of the existing wall dates to the Ming Dynasty. Many thousands of workers likely died while building the wall. Contrary to persistent myth, the wall is not visible from space. This isn't surprising, considering that, while long, the wall is not more than several times wider than your average vinyl fence.

3. Stone Walls to Nowhere
If you ever visit Ireland, you might notice that there are a whole lot of stone walls that seemingly lead nowhere. Often, they will go straight up a mountain before petering out. Many of these walls were built during the time of the Great Famine, which followed the potato blight. The Irish were disproportionately reliant on potatoes, which led to widespread starvation, as well as disease. Ireland saw fit to ration out some food -- however, they wanted people to work for it. For this reason, they ordered them to build walls and roads. This also helped clear the ground for farming. Many of the Famine walls are still standing to this day, and some are used as modern fences livestock.

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